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Is It Unknown Infertility?

When it comes to fertility, the goal isn’t just to get pregnant, at least not ours here at Well Women Nutrition, it’s so much more.

Our goal is to foster healthy preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum stages for mom, all while optimizing the health of the baby during pregnancy and for years to come.

How do we do that? We don’t skip the vital first step, we support and optimize mom’s health from a holistic, full body, root cause standpoint. This is what sets us apart as functional medicine practitioners from western/conventional medicine. In conventional medicine, they most often skip that part because they’re just trying to get to that goal of a BFP (big fat positive) which often leaves the mother’s health in a worse place than where she started.

The foundations of overall health and fertility that we work through with our clients include nutrition, nervous system/stress, movement, sleep/circadian rhythm, reducing toxin exposure while optimizing the body’s natural metabolism and detoxifying systems like the gut and the liver.

For women we also include the menstrual cycle as a foundational pillar of health. It is referred to as the 5th vital sign. The reason it’s looked at as a vital sign is because if there is an abnormality it’s a red flag telling us that there is a deeper health issue at play.

The same is true for fertility, if you’re struggling to conceive it’s your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. The hard part is figuring out what that something is, this is where functional practitioners that specialize in root cause wellness and fertility like we do, come into play!

Overall Health = Overall Fertility

The definition of unknown infertility is: no significant red flags (by conventional medicine standards) from a semen analysis, and the female partner is ovulating and has at least 1 free flowing fallopian tube.

That leaves a massive amount of room for a long list of other issues. Giving someone the diagnosis of the very basic "unknown infertility" and saying that the ONLY next step or option IS utilizing conventional medicine techniques (IVF/IUI) and pharmaceutical drugs to conceive is a major disservice to you and your body.

Avoiding the step of OPTIMIZING all of these points (ovulation, semen, and pelvic health) is like wearing blinders. Crossing off only 3 possibilities and ignoring or not trying to figure out one of the other 100+ ROOT causes is just bad medicine.

You deserve better.

Once we peel back the layers and rebuild the foundations of health and start listening to what your unique body is trying to tell us, that’s when the magic happens. Every couple that’s struggling with their fertility deserves a unique approach and treatment plan. We utilize functional health testing, practitioner experience, and YOU to help us achieve a custom plan that works to solve symptoms, enhance body literacy, build health resilience, empower you with the knowledge and the tools to continue to optimize your wellness and fertility, and reach your short and long term goals.

If you’ve done or are planning to do or are even currently utilizing conventional medicine modalities to conceive, understand that the holistic and western approaches don’t have to exist separately. We work with women frequently that are in these situations in order to optimize their chances of conception when undergoing medicated cycles, IVF, or IUIs. Your overall health has a direct impact on those modalities actually working, so it would be a missed opportunity not to take time to optimize it.

Our approach

  • Answers, understanding, knowledge, tools and empowerment

  • Root cause approach to solve underlying causes that are holding you back

  • Optimizes health AND fertility

  • Increases energy and vitality

  • Supportive to all vital organs (thyroid, heart, liver, gut, etc)

  • Optimizes your postpartum health and experience as well as chances to conceive again

Conventional medicine approach used alone

  • More questions than answers

  • Bandaids that wear off and prolong the inevitable

  • May potentially increase chances of conception but often detrimental to overall health

  • Drains energy and often your bank account

  • Leaves you with short and/or long term side effects to multiple organs and systems

  • Can leave you massively depleted going into the postpartum period, just tells you to come back when you’re ready for another baby

Want to Take the First Step in Your Holistic Fertility Journey?

Are your fertility goals being fulfilled?

If your answer is “no” or “not sure,” it’s time to reflect on where you are in your fertility journey so you can finally start moving forward. 🙌

The perfect place to start? My quick and easy Fertility Analysis Quiz.

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