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Optimize Your Fertility and Full-Body Health in 90 Days


Fuel Your Fertility with a Holistic Approach

Your fertility is a vital part of your whole health—and ensuring it’s at the highest level possible will significantly increase your chances of conceiving when you’re ready.


Enhancing your fertility all starts with empowering yourself with the right knowledge, tools, and resources.

But with the vast amount of (sometimes conflicting) information out there, it’s not easy to uncover the information that will actually give you actionable steps and tangible results.

What if I told you that you’re only weeks away from becoming a healthier, more fertile you …?

In just 6 weeks, you can absorb everything you need to know to propel you towards your fertility goals.

And while results take about 90 days to become physically measurable, you’ll have an opportunity to finesse the aspects of your life that have the greatest impact on your fertility health.


No matter where you are on your fertility journey, having access to trusted tools and resources will help take you one step closer to your desired outcome.  

This is your time to focus on your fertility with newfound energy, excitement, and intention.

What if you could learn to …?

Understand how your body and fertility really work so you can take significant steps in the right direction.

Discover holistic practices and resources so you can apply a step-by-step strategy designed to improve your fertility.

Receive tangible and realistic support on your journey toward elevating your fertility health from a root cause approach.

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After years of failed fertility treatments, including 2 rounds of IVF, Macy has given me the hope that my journey to a baby is not over. She has provided answers that I have been seeking for so many years. Hearing “I believe you!” has truly changed everything for me. My symptoms, struggles, and feelings are REAL and Macy has provided not only the concrete evidence to support it, but also the emotional support. She focuses on the WHOLE person and it feels so good to finally have someone in my corner who has a solid plan for how to move forward and improve my overall health.

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Fueling Your Fertility

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The Fueling Your Fertility course helps you improve your chances of healthy conception by enhancing your fertility knowledge and tool set to fine-tune your fertility from an aligned and empowered place.


Here’s What You Get When You Start Fueling Your Fertility

Lifetime access to 6 core modules that guide you through the most important aspects of optimizing your fertility.

All Course Modules

Guidance from someone who’s been there and has experience implementing these practices for my own fertility journey, and hundreds of clients!

Empathy + Expertise

Exclusive discounts on lab tests, products, and supplements utilized to boost your fertility.

Exclusive Discounts

Downloadable worksheets and guides to help you make the most of your learning experience.

Worksheets + Guides

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I owe Macy so much, after 3.5 years of negative pregnancy tests, multiple failed IUI's and being told by countless doctors that our ONLY option was IVF, I conceived naturally after utilizing everything Macy taught us, including her lab testing that helped us actually uncover and fix what was "unknown" by all of my other providers. She has a knowledge set that continues to blow me away, and you can tell how much she genuinely cares, she always goes above and beyond. 

- Laura

Pregnant Woman in Nature

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Your healthiest, most fertile self awaits.

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Your Step-By-Step
Preconception Plan

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Module 1:

Foundations of Fertility

Dive deep into the core elements of fertility: from the power of a positive mindset to the intricacies of gut and liver health. Explore the essential role of nutrition, nervous system balance, circadian rhythms, and cycle health. With this foundational knowledge, you'll craft your personalized preconception plan, setting the stage for optimal fertility.

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Module 2:

Fertility Nutrition

Next, we’re taking a deep dive into fertility-enhancing nutrition starting with the concept of a balanced plate and realize how simple and sustainable nourishment can truly be. Learn the link between blood sugar and fertility and how to support blood sugar balance.  By the end of this module, you'll feel confident in planning balanced meals and snacks that are tailored to support your overall health and fertility.

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Module 3:

Healthy Hormones

Learn the essentials of a healthy cycle and the role your hormones play. Familiarize yourself with various cycle-tracking techniques and confidently identify your fertile window. From understanding the nuances of cervical mucus and OPKs to adopting a fertility-supportive exercise regimen, and learning how to encourage systemic blood flow to your reproductive organs, this module equips you with a holistic system to observe, comprehend, and fine-tune your cycle.

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Module 4:

Gut & Liver Health

Debunk myths and misconceptions about toxins and understand their real impact on your body, especially in today's increasingly toxic environment. This module discusses the intricacies of toxins, gut health, and liver function, guiding you to craft a plan to minimize toxin burden and optimize your body's natural detox systems in order to promote fertility and hormone health.

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Module 5:

Nervous System

Explore the vital connection between the nervous system and fertility. Understand how chronic stress impacts fertility hormones and discover the essential role of the nervous system in overall health. Equip yourself with tools to support your nervous system, learn about the Vagus Nerve, and the benefits of adaptogens and nervines. By the end of this module, you'll be ready to craft your personalized plan to become more resilient to the inevitable stressors of the modern world.

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Module 6:

Sleep & Circadian Rhythm

In this final module, we'll discuss the essential role of sleep and its intimate link to fertility. Unravel the intricacies of the circadian rhythm, recognizing its position as a foundational aspect of health. Learn about the nuances of nighttime rest, the importance of the Cortisol Awakening Response, and actionable steps to reset your circadian rhythm. By the end of this module, you'll understand the deep influence of sleep on fertility and be prepared to optimize its benefits.


Hi, I'm Macy!

As a board-certified Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I’ve dedicated myself to helping women optimize their health outside of the conventional, pill-prescribing paradigm.


Leaning on my years of education and personal experiences with fertility, I walk alongside you through your unique fertility journey—empowering you with the tools, resources, and information you need to reach your highest level of fertility health.


Whether you’re just starting your journey, in the midst of it, or you’ve been struggling with fertility for a while, this course is the perfect place to find a step-by-step guide to enhancing your fertility and helping you reach your goal of growing your family!

  • What if I’m not ready to conceive yet, but just thinking about it?
    The earlier you can optimize your health for fertility, the better. By giving yourself ample time to walk through the steps, you'll be in a perfect position to start your TTC with health and confidence.
  • I want results fast. Is this going to provide a quick fix for my fertility issues?
    If you really want to make significant and long-lasting changes to your fertility, and in turn your overall health, it's going to take some time. And honestly: that’s a good thing. By implementing new habits and practices over time, you can gently bring your body to a place of elevated fertility and overall health. Remember that your journey is unique, and there is no perfect timeline for achieving a higher level of fertility. Be willing to stay consistent and see it through—it’s the best approach if you’re serious about fueling your fertility.
  • What if I’m already pursuing conventional fertility options like medicated cycles, IUI, or IVF? Is this still right for me?
    Supporting your health and fertility from a root cause standpoint only improves the chances of conception, regardless of whether it's natural or with a little help from science. I’m here to walk alongside you and provide you with complementary resources so you can make the most of your experience, conventional or otherwise.
  • How long can I access the course once I purchase it?
    This course comes with lifetime access.
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I am just reflecting of all the work we have done together over the past few months and I am overwhelmed with the growth. When we started working together I felt like my body was against me, food was the enemy, and I had no voice in my fertility. Now I feel like I've gained control in my health journey, food is good and feeds my body, and feel like we are moving in the right direction when it comes to my fertility. But I think the biggest thing is I trust myself to listen to my body. I feel like I have a voice once again to get what I need done to be healthy. It's also been crazy to think I've gained 10 pounds after trying to gain even 2 pounds in the past 7 years. It's wild that eating the things my body needs, resting, and supporting my body how much growth there can be. Thank you for all your time and energy. This experience has really changed my life and I am excited to continue to grow.

Kind Words

-Sharon (who became pregnant a couple weeks after writing this!)

Image by Anna Hecker


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