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Is It Unexplained Fertility or Is It...?

  • Immune system dysregulation

  • Micronutrient deficiency(ies)

  • Hormone imbalance

  • Methylation issue

  • Poor circulation

  • DNA damage to sperm (rarely tested for but very common)

  • Increased toxin burden

  • Gut imbalances

  • Overexercising

  • Physical or mental chronic stress/ HPA axis dysfunction

  • Thyroid dysregulation

  • Celiac or other unknown underlying disease

  • Chronic inflammation

  • Poor egg quality

  • And the list continues...

Fertility struggles are a sign of a deeper health issue

Health <> Fertility

Unexplained infertility as a diagnosis is unfair, we WANT answers, and we deserve them. Unfortunately we don't have all of the answers yet, but we certainly have more than we used to and the tools and research are continuing to flood in. When we know more, we can do better.

Every single one of those issues listed above has a root cause or is a root cause, it's just a matter of tackling it. The biggest thing to remember is that a functional medicine root cause approach is NOT a quick fix, it takes time. The problem didn't develop overnight and neither will the solution, and that's what I do in my practice. I help women find a solution and create a toolkit they can use to continue to heal themselves for months and years to come. Without health, we can't have fertility.

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