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How to Hydrate with Adrenal Cocktails

Minerals are the spark plug of every single cell in the body and they're required to make energy, hormones, enzymes, stomach acid and more.

They're pretty dang important, but the vast majority of us are depleted in key minerals that keep our body functioning optimally every day.

Why is that?

  • Our soil is depleted making the plants grown in that soil and the animals eating those plants all the way to us humans who are eating those plants and animals depleted of those minerals

  • Pesticides and herbicides

  • Inflammation, infections, over or under doing certain supplements/vitamins

  • Certain medications

  • Some water filters can remove a lot of those beneficial minerals

  • Over-hydration- this happens SO often, if you're just drinking plain water, and a lot of it, you're diluting your minerals and flushing them out causing you to actually be cellularly dehydrated

  • The biggest mineral depleter of all is STRESS

What are Adrenal Cocktails?

Well, they're mocktails if we are being technical. They are a brilliant (and super fun) way to support our adrenals (stress organs), hydrate on a cellular level (we can't hydrate properly without sodium and potassium), and replete our low mineral levels every day!

They contain:

  • Sodium- which regulates blood pressure with potassium, supports stomach acid production, maintains fluid balance, is needed for stress response, and insulin sensitivity

  • Potassium- allows water into the cell, regulates blood pressure, maintains fluid balance, regulates pH, supports thyroid health, needed for healthy mitochondria, helps release insulin, also involved in carbohydrate metabolism

  • Whole food Vitamin C- helps nourish your adrenals, acts as an antioxidant, and helps with the absorption and utilization of minerals

  • (Optional) Magnesium- one of the first things to become depleted with stress because it helps with relaxation so we get rid of it when we are on high alert, it also helps with digestive function, mood, muscle relaxation, nervous system, detox, using vitamin D, thyroid health, hormone balance, energy production, insulin sensitivity, blood sugar stability, and helps to lower inflammation

Here are a few of my favorite go to recipes:

  1. 4 oz of Trader Joe's Purple Powder juice + 4 oz Coconut water + Pinch of Redmond's Real Salt

  2. 4 oz OJ + 1/4 tsp Celtic salt + 1/4 tsp Cream of Tartar + Sparkling water

  3. 4 oz Coco water + 1/8 tsp Celtic + 1 Scoop Magnesium + Mint Leaves + 1 Lime + Sparkling Water

  4. 4 oz OJ + 1 scoop Collagen + 2 ounces Coconut Cream + 1/4 Redmond's Real Salt

Or make it easy and buy a pre-made powder:

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