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Bloating 101

Wondering why you're always bloated?

Roughly 30% of Americans are chronically bloated

Let's dig into the root cause (as always) then chat about how to beat the bloat!

Most common causes of bloating I see in my practice:

  • Low Stomach Acid- this is a HUGE problem for the vast majority of my clients. Major symptoms are poor digestion, bloating, and acid reflux (it sounds counterintuitive, I know!). We can't digest food properly without stomach acid, and if we can't digest food, it's getting fermented in our intestines and causing gas and bloating.

  • Inadequate Chewing - step 1 of digestion is CRITICAL and it happens in your mouth by way of mechanical (the act of chewing) and chemical digestion (enzymes in your saliva breaking down your food). If we aren't chewing our food to apple sauce like consistency (like 80% of people) we are asking the stomach to do two jobs, which means it doesn't have time to do either very well, this again leads to undigested food particles wreaking havoc.

  • Fun fact, undigested food particles are bad bacteria, pathogens and parasites favorite thing to eat, it's a major way they thrive and grow

  • Stress- when we are in fight or flight mode (aka stressed out) our resources are going to shift to keeping us alive in that moment and it's going to shut down other systems or just keep them running sub-optimally and that's what happens to the gut. We are not getting enough resources to properly break down and absorb the food and nutrients that are incoming.

  • Gut Dysbiosis -this is where testing comes in (like the GI Map test I run on clients). There are a few scenarios here,

  • If you have an overgrowth of bad bacteria, pathogens, H-pylori, viruses or parasites

  • If you have too little of the good gut bacteria

  • If you have gut dysfunction caused by any of the above or other known issues with environment (pH, leaky gut, oxygen levels, enzyme production)

  • All of these roads can lead to bloating

  • Food Sensitivities- this is a very common cause of bloating. Actually, the majority of food sensitivities are due to imbalances in the gut (see above bullet point) but some are just that particular food being incompatible with your body, genes, gut, and/or immune system.

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