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Are Parasites Impacting your Health?

The answer is probably, most of us have parasites and we don't even know it! (myself included, but now I know -insert cringe face-) It's a matter of which ones, how much, and if they causing a problem.

With an increasingly toxic environment, parasites are more common in developed countries than you might think. Toxins weaken the body's defense and also alter parasite activity. Parasites also harbor other pathogens like mold, lyme, and other viruses, making these issues difficult to eradicate.

Millions of Americans are harboring parasites in their systems right now. Parasites come in many forms, from microscopic water-borne amoebas to tiny pinworms to feet-long tapeworms. And, if left unchecked, they can all wreak havoc on the body in a variety of ways. Parasites trigger a wide range of health issues and may actually be the cause of chronic issues like IBS and autoimmunity to name a few.

I have found that the biggest problem I see in my practice when it comes to parasites is the toxin burden, inflammation, and delay of progress with any health journey including fertility.

The vast majority of parasites are not visible to the naked eye, they can live inside cells (like fat cells or red blood cells), or in the spaces between cells. They can harbor in the brain, gut, liver, lungs, lymph, muscles and other organs and tissues.

Ways People Contract Parasites

  • Blood transfusions

  • Food (like undercooked meat, raw seafood/sushi, unclean fruits and veggies)

  • Other people (if they don't wash their hands well or sexually)

  • Pets (also fleas and ticks)

  • Soil (by walking barefoot outside, gardening, hiking, etc)

  • Toilets

  • Water (that you drink, or water that you swim in)

What Should You Do If You Think You're Infected?

You can test for parasite by utilizing the GI map test that I offer in my practice. However, testing for parasites is not as helpful as we'd like it to be. That's because parasites are typically alive and well inside of us, and likely not being shed often in stool, making them hard to pick up. I have had a fair share of GI map tests come back positive for parasites, so it's hit or miss.

The biggest piece of advice I can give, is to work with someone that has in depth knowledge of treating parasites. They're hard to get rid of and treatment is rarely straight forward, so it really helps coming from a skilled practitioner.

My Favorite Parasite Protocols

CellCore's Foundational Protocol: This is a 4 month protocol and meant for those with more chronic health issues, or those just looking for a deep systemic, full body detox. It goes well beyond parasites (and the gut) and helps rebuild cells, mitochondria, opens your drainage pathways, supports your immune system, rids you of unwanted gut bugs, heavy metals and other toxins. (I'm currently on step 3 of this and it's life changing). Purchase with code wjvdOG5E

CellCore's Fast Track: I start with opening drainage pathways with this protocol step then hit the parasites and other gut bugs and pathogens with this step, the Para Kit

These supplements are potent and this is not personal advice, I suggest working with myself or another practitioner if you choose to do one of these protocols. You can also email me if you have questions about the protocols. Purchase with code wjvdOG5E

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