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Adaptogens 101

Adaptogens are one of my favorite holistic health tools. You may have heard about them recently but they are definitely not new. They've actually been used medicinally for centuries, and currently catching some much overdo attention.

In current times most of us are battling some sort of underlying stress. This can be the root cause of many serious health conditions and it can certainly throw your hormones out of balance.

Adaptogens can regulate the adrenal response to stress and help the body cope by providing a feeling of calm energy. Additionally they have benefits that include antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

My favorite adaptogen products:

I just created an Amazon Storefront and I am SO excited to share all my favorite health products with you. I have an entire category just for Adaptogen potions!

Anima Mundi Mocha Mushroom Milk

This is the perfect starting point for adaptogen lattes. It tastes like hot chocolate to me, and is made up of 7 different adaptogenic mushrooms that help support stress, brain health, aging and resilience.

Moon Juice Brain Dust

This powder is naturally sweetened with stevia and the adaptogen blend targets stress to support mental stamina, alertness, and concentration.

Life Cykel Lion's Mane Tincture

Lion's mane has fascinating research when it comes to brain health, memory, and the protection for the aging brain, it's also known to improve deep sleep. This is one of the highest quality adaptogen tinctures I've used!

Anima Mundi Golden Moon Milk

This blend is rich in antioxidants equipped with anti-inflammatory properties and flavored with vanilla, cardamom and lavender. They use ashwaganda, a full spectrum adaptogen that's very calming and soothing.

Herb Pharm Ashwaganda Tincture

This is a staple to add to your adaptogen arsenal, it's probably the most well-known and versatile because of it's impressive stress balancing properties.

Here are some of my favorite brands and their Instagram names:







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